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HELP IS NEEDED [Jun. 18th, 2008|12:59 pm]
Soapbox Preachers


As some of you know John and I have joined the Quaker Community. We found that the views and ideology of the Quakers fits in with our views. One of the biggest values I have found in the Quaker community is their sense of helping others no matter who they are, there is no discrimination. They see a need and they help without questions. Recently, a co-worker of mine grandson, Chad Czapor was diagnosed with a brain tumor that needs a delicate operation. The insurance company is refusing to pay for the surgery because the doctor that they want to use is in New York and not Pennsylvania which puts him "out-of-network". This boy is a junior in high school and has his whole life ahead of him. It's unbelievable to me how insurance companies do not take these things into consideration. They have a dollar amount and that is it. The doctor in New York was willing to take whatever the insurance company would pay a "Pennsylvania" doctor, but again they said no. The amazing thing is that this New York doctor is part of the insurance company's "in-network" doctor, but only in New York. So basically, they recognize his abilities, they use him as part of their services, but only in New York--how stupid is that! So the family is trying to get monies together for Chad in order to pay for the surgery. This is a link to the website where donations can be made and taken as a tax deduction.


I'm asking everyone to at least look at the website. The ironic thing is that the other family, The Jones family is a friend of my boss, Lauren. The father passed away suddenly due to another brain condition and they are trying to gather funds for that family as well. If you feel that you can make a donation to either one of these families or both, it would be greatly appreciated. I figured that the only way to the word around was to post on the sites that I normally frequent.

If I knew a way to do a mass posting all over the country I would. If any of you out there would like to post the link to places where you frequent that would also be helpful. The only way to get help is to spread the word. Sometimes, help comes in other forms other than cash. So please do whatever you can to make people aware that there is a need out there and that we as a society can help everyone in many different ways. Do what you can whenever you can. Thank you for reading this post.