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Happy Holidays [Dec. 19th, 2005|11:57 pm]
Soapbox Preachers


What is so wrong with that phrase that makes people so angry, I mean for goodness sakes it is the Holidays, the Christians do not have a monopoly on Holiday seasons, there were holidays in this time of the year LONG before Christians even existed! You know its getting extreamly horrid to listen about how angry people are getting because Happy Holidays is more politically correct over Merry Christmas.... hummm lets consider it We have Yule, Hanakkah(sp), Kwanzaa, as well as Christmas, so what the fuck is wrong with just combining them and saying Happy holidays that way you cover everyone... but NO the Damn Christians have to be the ones that claim SOLE DOMAIN over everything... I wish their God would just go ahead and rapture those dumb, intolerant fucks and just let the rest of the "heathan" world live in peace, without the fear of getting stoned by a buch of sinless sinful bastards....

Oh Well Merry Fucking Christmas, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS

[User Picture]From: frippychick
2005-12-20 02:05 pm (UTC)

Merry FUCKING Christmas

This post unnerves me. How about I say Merry Christmas, or Happy Chanukka and you respect my religion and respond accordingly. It is people like you who wantto sterilize the world into some cookie cutter society. Step off that soapbox, buddy because you have no right.

And your damn righgt I'm a Chrsitian. (and a (mean)Buddhist)
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[User Picture]From: vivid_horizon
2005-12-20 05:30 pm (UTC)

Re: Merry FUCKING Christmas

no listen if you want to respect other peoples religion and yours at the same time, i have no problem with that, the only problem i have is with all these little biblebelt christians who are throwing fits at people for saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas and they are the ones who have NO RIGHT to do so, christmas is not the only Holiday in the HOLIDAY SEASON and there is no reason to get angry at someone for saying Happy Holidays if thats what they want to say. And as far as the world being a cookie cutter society... I want you to go make cookies and use the same cookie cutter to cut each cookie, none of them are going to come out exactly the same, why can we not celebrate our differences instead of admonishing one another over them.

So Once again Happy Holidays, and a Wonderful New Year... NO MATTER what you FUCKING believe
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