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dirty [Dec. 15th, 2005|12:41 pm]
Soapbox Preachers



i need to be fucked...i mean it. i am so backed up. sweet gaia send me someone to send my horniness away. what i wouldn't do to get fucked right now...i mean it. i would do just about anything. i am just so god damned horny. it's not like i'm asking for much...i'm submissive and everything. whoever wants to can control me...set the tempo and everything...just come and take my horniness away. PLEASE!!!! i want to wait for tora but i am really so god damned horny...i need a fix. sweet god isn't there someone out there who knows what i'm going through?!?! who can come and we can work together to get rid of our horniness?! please, you can get ur fix too...we could be fuck buddies or even a one night stand. that'd be okay...just one night...a nice down and dirty romping and a little cuddling after...then nothign. i'd be okay with that. maybe we could help eachother out once or twice some other time...a night can be a lot of romping...i don't care if i can't walk the next day...actually that would be nice. both because you were really dominating and because we romped(i like this word) so much... well, anyway, there is my little rant...i'm horny and i don't want to be...maybe it will be a day and night stand because i am really horny and i don't think anyone will be able to walk the next day...and that would be a really good fix. ^_^...okay that was a little bad but i am horny!